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We provide advice and management of the financial affairs of legal entities, private clients and their business interests.

We focus on creating well-being for our customers at every stage of their accumulation.

Our main goal is to help our clients achieve their financial ambitions, both corporate and personal.

Our clients are diverse – small and medium-sized enterprises, large enterprises, professional practices and non-profit organizations.

Our business covers mainly leading companies in the Plovdiv region but we consult and audit key clients from all over the country.

We have an office in Plovdiv, as well as technological software and modern information business solutions.

Our business is growing thanks to the experience of the partners and the talent of people working for us who provide a wide and innovative range of services without compromising on quality.


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 Independent financial audit
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Accounting services
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Tax planning
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Personnel management
and salary processing
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Banking consulting
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Private finance management
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Business assessments
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Legal services
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